Scar Leg Tiyospaye
The history of Scar Leg

As told by the sole living descendents of

Tunkasila (Grandfather)

Mato Niyanpi (Saved By Bear)

Help Build He Sapa Culture Camp (Native American)

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In the spiritual presence of the Sacred Mountain, Mato Paha/Bear Butte, in western South Dakota, the vision and dream of the He Sapa (Black Hills) Culture Camp is intended to be a place where human beings of all races and backgrounds can come together to learn, share, and connect, based upon the teachings found in our book “Warrior Is” (2017), which is the Life story of our great grandfather Mato Niyanpi/Saved By Bear, who is the Mnincoju Lakota warrior who killed Lt. Col. George A. Custer in the Greasy Grass Battle at the Little Bighorn in Montana on June 25, 1876. Mato Niyanpi was born along the small creek just to the south of the Sacred Mountain in 1849. We will share with each other the important aspects of a spiritual co-existence within the Circle of Life/Sacred Hoop, and to acknowledge and commit to protecting and preserving Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth). We will immediately establish tours, seminars, and events, while simultaneously constructing the facilities for a permanent presence for ongoing teaching/learning cultural events/activities, including an on-site artist studio, tipi camp, lodges, Lakota/indigenous cooking/meals, star knowledge, drum groups, an amphitheater and a gathering center for dance, education and ceremony. The actual descendants of Mato Niyanpi will own and operate the Camp, and all events will have the personal spiritual touch as seen through the eyes and spirits of the Lakota people and the family of Mato Niyanpi. 

We are in urgent need of financial assistance and funding by SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 in order to best meet an important deadline for infrastructure and land. The GOAL referenced above, would assure that we will be able to immediately start all development and construction to start up this most important spiritual project and calling. Our wholly indigenous owned venture is the Unci Maka Company which will serve as the official entity overseeing the spiritual Camp and activities. Actual substantive steps have been taken and are presently in place to launch our Project in the immediate future, as early as October 2021. We will be employing many local persons, indigenous and non-indigenous.


Here are our immediate and long term current financial commitments:

Bank Loan Portion (50%)
SBA Loan Portion (40%)
Borrower Cash Injection (10%)******************
Total Projected Startup Costs


CONTRIBUTIONS of $5,000 or more will entitle said generous donors to a free future 2 day tour event at the He Sapa Culture Camp, which will include a personalized van tour of the sacred sites in the He Sapa (Black Hills) and a night of lodging at the Camp with all meals included.

Thank you for your generosity, kindness, and your interest in our Great Grandfather’s life story, and the spiritual journey of Mato Niyanpi and his people in seeking to protect and preserve the Circle of Life and Unci Maka, in the name and spirit of peace, unity, tolerance, and love.

Toksa ake

The Family of Mato Niyanpi